Line Inspection

Logics & Controls (L&C) has 35 years of experience in the packaging industry providing vision and controls-based solutions throughout the world.

logics and controls line inspection equipment

L&C specializes in the design and manufacture of in-line inspection and control systems for bottling lines. ​ ​

The product range starts with empty container inspections and proceeds through fill level inspection, closure inspection, label inspection, and even in-line checking of weight.

All the inspections systems are stand-alone systems that can operate either push rejection devices or progressive diverters for a more gentle rejection.

L&C is committed to providing the best technology available in the market. L&C is the only vision supplier in the world who manufactures their own lights, camera lenses, and reject devices.

L&C micro-processors communicate all Input/Ouput signals, product tracking, and rejecting. PLC’s and UPS’s are no longer relevant for their systems.

Solid state hard drives partitioned with a read-only license.

L&C systems are built to last with components that can always be replaced directly from the manufacturer.

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