Exclusive Vision Inspection Systems Ensure Inspection Perfection on the Bottling Line ​ ​ ​

February 26, 2019 | WIN Supplier Spotlight ​

Quality control is essential for any producer striving to deliver a consistent premium product to their consumer, but so is keeping the bottling line operating efficiently. Logics & Controls offers inspection systems for filling and packaging lines that rely on advanced optical technology to achieve inspection perfection and efficiency.

“This equipment is modular, so each inspection can be used independently or as part of a multipoint inspection system,” explains Craig Richardson, Director at ColloPack Solutions, the US Distributor of Logics & Controls.

“A winery might decide that screw cap thread inspection is the most critical attribute to be monitored on the line and install the Logiclosure. After the Logiclosure, they may choose to expand their capability by adding the empty glass inspection system and integrating the 2 machines.”

The Logiclosure is a compact camera system that can be easily installed to any new or existing line to verify the correct closure application during bottling. The exclusive optical system inspects the integrity and position of the cap as well as the pilfer band with unparalleled precision to within 0.9mm. In traditional vision systems the image is distorted by the cameras proximity and angle of view which can cause large measurement errors and loss of important details.

The Logics & Controls systems do not have any error due to angle of view allowing for maximum measurement accuracy without any loss of detail. “Logiclosure benefits from Logics & Controls’ advanced optical technology and expertise to eliminate the perspective distortion,” says Richardson, “it avoids parallax errors and allows for extremely precise measurements at any point of the image.”

The system is equipped to handle closure quality checks on all types of closures with a single camera, and for aluminum screw caps it can also check thread depth, broken bridges, and pilfer band tuck. Logiclosure frequently incorporates the Logilevel system to check the fill level. In addition, the Logifiller function can be added for the diagnostics of filling valves and capping heads. ​ ​

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