Tank Sanitization

BlueMorph UV - the world's only waterless, chemical free, tank sanitizing system - utilizes ultraviolet light to efficiently sanitize tanks and barrels used in wine and beer production. This new innovative process reduces water, energy and chemical usage.

BlueMorph UV tank sanitization technology provides increased safety, decreased work load and impressive energy savings.

SAFETY​ - Chemicals can be extremely hazardous, presenting risk to employees and driving up Workers Comp Rates. These toxic elements can be environmentally disastrous during exposure and disposal. BlueMorph UV technology eliminates ALL these dangerous risks to your winery and the environment.

ENERGY SAVINGS​ - The BlueMorph UV technology will eliminate your water and chemical use. Energy reduction is a key benefit that BlueMorph UV provides, with many users receiving water and energy incentives.

FAST & EASY​ - Merely insert the BlueMorph UV device in the manway and turn it on. The BlueMorph UV does the rest. Tanks can be fully sanitized in less than 30 minutes.

ROI​ - BlueMorph UV devices can pay for themselves in as short as 3 months. A ColloPack representative can provide you a customized pay-back plan designed for your winery’s specific needs. Contact us​ to get started.

TRACKABLE DATA​ - Each BlueMorph UV unit records the time of day the tank is sanitized, the duration of the sanitization and that the full cycle was completed. This data is stored in a removable SD card and exportable to excel software.

We offer a variety of BlueMorph UV units based on your tank or barrel needs and preferences.
Contact a ColloPack representative for the appropriate product and savings for your uses.

tank sanitation for large tanks uvt 200k


Recommended Tank Size:​ ​
15,000 - 220,000 Gallons

Emitter Time: 20-30 Minutes


Recommended Tank Size:
3,000 - 12,000 Gallons

Emitter Time: 20-30 Minutes

Small Tanks - UVT2K:
500 - 3,000 Gallons

tank sanitation for barrel uvt60g


Recommended Size:
Average Barrel, 60 Gallons

Emitter Time: 5 Minutes

"We have been using BlueMorph UV units for over 2 years. We now have them at multiple facilities and have seen firsthand how effective and reliable their patented technology is. Reducing chemicals as a winemaker is always beneficial since you have less worry of the product being affected. The savings in chemicals and water are also tremendous - allowing us to stay on the forefront of sustainability.”
- Randy Ullom, Winemaster Jackson Family Wines​ ​

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