Grape Sorting
and Selection

Diemme's Kappa selection provides a full range of technological solutions for reception, destemming, sorting and conveying grapes and pomace.

Diemme Kappa grape sorting equipment

Diemme sorting equipment includes vibrating, belt, and elevator conveying systems.

Wide range of tables and belts for sorting and conveying whole clusters, destemmed-crushed grapes and pomace.

Vibrating tables (models TVC 1500-2000/TVL 3500-5000) for conveying and sorting grapes. Designed with draining grates at the start of the tables to work with grapes containing large portions of juice.

Sorting belts (models NC 3500-5500) equipped with draining grate, juice collection pan and washing bar.

Adjustable height, inclined conveyor belts (models NE 2500-3500-4500-5500-7000) equipped with juice collection hopper and washing bar.

The components allow maximum flexibility to feed the destemmer, independent crusher rollers, and loading/discharging tank presses.

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