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Diemme destemmer/crushers combine the latest technology with manufacturing quality to provide the most gentle and effective stem removal for the highest quality winemaking.

diemme kappa 50 destemmer/crusher

Diemme Kappa Series Destemmer/Crusher

Diemme’s Kappa series destemmer/crusher can operate in conjunction with a sorting system at 2 tons/hour and up to a maximum 150 tons/hour. Kappa stemmers/crushers are variable speed and may be combined with optional crusher rollers, leg extensions, and pre-drain hopper with auger. Diemme offers a choice of stainless steel or rubber destemming paddles. The destemmer paddle geometry and position have been optimized for gentle berry removal from the stem and fast stem removal from the cage.

Contact us​ for the latest documentation on the Diemme Kappa series systems.

diemme kappa 50 destemmer/crusher

Diemme Vibro-Select Wave Motion Destemmer

The new VIBRO-SELECT was developed for the gentle destemming of grapes. The machine is composed of thick sheets of stainless steel for a solid and robust structure. Grape destemming is by wave motion of the cage in sturdy plastic material.

The process is gentle and allows separation of berries from the stems without damaging berries, even with challenging varieties or ripeness. By adjusting the frequency of motion (by electronic variation) for the VIBRO-SELECT, you can modify the performance to suit the grape variety being processed to maintain whole berries and avoid crushing stems.

Destemmed grapes fall to the selection table with a series of rollers with adjustable openings for removal of any foreign matter.

Mounted on a strong stable steel frame with four swivel wheels and brakes for moving and securing the machine for processing at the winery.

The Diemme VIBRO-SELECT allows for improved quality of the destemming process. Contact a ColloPack representative​ for further information.

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