ColloPack Solutions' comprehensive and superior product lines offer state-of-the-art equipment for virtually every major step in the winemaking and bottling processes.  We provide unmatched service for all wineries — from small and independent to the large corporate owned wineries.

ALBRIGI has been a leading European supplier for over 30 years producing premier quality tanks for the wine, beverage, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Barida International, owned by the brothers Hicham and Adil Barida, has established itself among the leading companies in the oenological, brewing and olive oil marketing.

Bertolaso S.p.A. is leader in designing, producing, and installing automatic bottling systems​ for still and sparkling wine, spirits, beer, fruit juices, water, and drinks.

BlueMorph UV - the world's only waterless, chemical free, tank sanitizing system - utilizes ultraviolet light to efficiently sanitize tanks and barrels used in wine and beer production.

Bortolin Kemo has operated successfully in the bottling and packaging sector for more than 60 years, providing reliable and durable solutions appreciated all over the world.

Cames has been operating in the wine industry machines field for over 30 years. The company produces cork orientators, cork feeders and full bottle washers-driers.

The Cavagnino & Gatti company was founded in 1955 and today with over 7000 machines supplied around the globe, it is one of the most important and reliable suppliers in the field of labeling machines.

Champagel Group is the original DUGUIT Technologies® brand, founded in 1957, and is a world leader in bottle neck freezing.

Diemme Enologia develops and fabricates equipment and systems for grapes sorting, destemming, fermentation, grape pressing and juice and wine filtration.

Francesca offers innovative pumping solutions for today's winemaker that offer versatility and gentle handling of must, juice, and wine.

Logics & Controls (L&C) specializes in the design and manufacture of in-line inspection and control systems for bottling lines.

Sparkling and still wine agglomerated cork stoppers

Specialized in "secondary sealing" of all types of bottles and products, Robino & Galandrino supplies wine producing companies as well as cider and vinegar producers, breweries, distilleries, and oil mills.

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