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Bertolaso Wine Bottle  Rinser and Fillers

State-of-the-Art Wine Bottling Line at Concannon Vineyards

Bertolaso rinsers and fillers operate at speeds ranging from 40 bpm to 500 bpm. The rinsers can be configured with multiple rinsing and/or blowing cycles. The filling valve circuits can be actuated with the traditional cam system or the new electro-pneumatic version. The electro-pneumatic version offers the capability for an additional evacuation and sparge just prior to filling, resulting in oxygen levels approaching zero. In addition, all package set-points and parameters can be saved, reducing change-over and set-up time. Both versions offer a bi-directional sanitation system that ensures the product contact areas are thoroughly cleaned. Bertolaso is the industry leader for reliability, efficiency, and change-over design.

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